Ward Panel Virtual Surveys 11 Feb 20:55

Ward Panel Virtual Surveys

Dear Members,

We would like to invite you all to have your say on the teams Local Policing Priorities that affect you the residents of Cannon Hill

By consulting with Community Safe members under a “Virtual Ward Panel Survey” we aim to capture the views of our diverse community in order to identify and tackle the issues that matter to you. The results of this process will be discussed at the dedicated Ward Panel meeting

A Ward Panel is the forum where representatives of your neighbourhood, your Local Safer Neighbourhoods Police team and Local Authority meet to agree local policing priorities every other month

Your contribution, via this survey, will help make decisions more relevant to your local area and the problems that affect your community.

There is a facility within this survey to add additional comments, enabling you to make the local policing team aware of any other community concerns you may have.

If you would rather not take part in this process please ignore the Survey upon receipt or email the team direct to be taken of the circulation list.

Thank you for your support of the team and local community.






Cannon Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team